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when is a woman least fertile

what happens 3 days after ovulation? you start to wonder if you need to toss theold ovulation test pack and buy a pregnancy test pack instead. can’t you get pregnant at three days afterovulation? ovulation plus or minus one day is when conceptioncan occur.

when is a woman least fertile, the day before is higher than the day after,because the egg lasts about a day in total. whereas sperm last several days. that’s why you can get pregnant having sexthree days before your fertile day but not three days after.

and it is why you can have sex two days afteryour fertile day through your period without getting pregnant. that’s the whole basis of natural familyplanning. and losing track of which day is the fertileday is why women who use natural family planning get called mothers. if you did conceive, the sperm and egg havealready combined and the new zygote is making its way down the fallopian tube. what else is going on? ovulation is plus or minus a day on day 14,or the middle of your cycle.

mine is around four weeks long. the week before ovulation, the uterine liningwas prepping to accept a new arrival, whereas in a day or two, it will start to fade awayif that egg doesn’t implant. i thought pregnancy tests didn’t detectanything until day 24 or day 28. three days after ovulation is around day 17,and though the body starts responding to the embryo’s chemical scream i’m here don’thave a period immediately, the chemical signals climb and become detectable in urine testsabout a week later. only if you use one of the early pregnancytests. the early pregnancy tests cost more becausethey detect pregnancy hormones at half the

level or so of the main pregnancy tests. but we don’t know if i am pregnant yet. you’re officially in the luteal cycle nowfor the ovary follicle, while the uterine lining is in the secretory phase. that’s the growing of blood vessels andtissue to prep for baby, so to speak, as the follicle withers and shrinks that releasedthe egg. it is really rare for someone to release twoeggs during this phase, though it can happen. usually they release from two different ovariesif they are going to be released. the ovary hormone levels except the lutenizingone are still climbing right now, but they’ll

start to drop around day 21. and they’ll bottom out around day 28. they’ll stay low through the menstrual cycle,day one through six or seven depending on how long your period lasts. that’s still more than a week away. your body is just prepping for implantationif it occurs, though all the symptoms of ovulation due to those related hormones should be gonewhile nothing for pms should kick in for at least a week. i’ve heard implantation can cause crampsand spotting.

nowhere near as bad as pms, when they do occur,and it will happen several days before your

when is a woman least fertile

period starts, but not yet. so i’m just waiting. wait a week or two before you test. and give yourself nine months and you’llhave an even more definite answer.

what is spotting

an entrepreneur, and young people particularlyin changemaker schools that we are close with, will not only spot opportunities, but theywill look for opportunities in every situation and they will therefore essentially createopportunities; so they will be... they will use creativity and imagination to join thedots, to make connections between things, to create opportunities.

what is spotting, but then i think nor is it only about spottingor creating opportunities, it's then about acting on opportunities, it's actually taking...being proactive and taking the lead to make the most of opportunities that they have createdor that have presented themselves. our changemakers schools provide all sortsof different experiences and opportunities

for young people to create value for theircommunities, and these vary enormously. for example, one of our schools takes primaryschool kids out into the community as part of their science curriculum to find problemsin the community that they want to address and to help them address those community problemswhile learning science. changemaker schools often see within existingcurricular frameworks and within existing policy obligations opportunities to do somethingdifferent than the classic "kids in rows", just rote learning to get through examinations. i think what they see is the opportunity throughoutthe school experience, and even in very small

what is spotting

ways and small periods of time (in corridorsfor example).

they see opportunities for really lettingyoung people take charge and make their own decisions and take responsibility for thewell-being of each other, for the creation of the school culture, for the well-beingof the whole school and the community.

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what is amoxicillin

good day, eric bakker, naturopath with anotherfrequently asked question. do antibiotics cause yeast infections? this is a question that many people ask. manypeople do take antibiotics, unfortunately, and in my opinion, antibiotic drugs are oneof the number one causes of chronic yeast infections. particularly, the prolonged andinappropriate and excessive use of broad spectrum

what is amoxicillin, antibiotics. antibiotics are prescribed on quite a largeand wide scale to kill disease-causing bacteria, but unfortunately, they also kill healthy,normal, flora throughout the body and they can actually encourage yeast infections inmany people. so antibiotics are implicated

and, in my mind, would be one of the primecauses of yeast infections and recurring chronic yeast infections in many patients. one factor that many people don't realizeis did you know that most antibiotic drugs are actually themselves developed from chemicalsfound in fungi species. so fungi actually create certain chemicals which kill bacteriaaround them. so by using certain chemicals and creating drugs from them, we can effectivelykill bacteria yet allow the yeast to proliferate. so this is one reason why antibiotics areso effective at killing bacteria but allowing their own species to thrive. so it's a littleknown fact. another little known fact which you may notbe aware of is the use of antibiotics in commercial

meat; poultry for example, chickens, and commercialchickens contain many different types of antibiotics. when you see how poultry are kept crammedin cages, it's not hard to see why they give them antibiotics to prevent diseases. so ifyou're eating commercial poultry, i recommend you go to wikipedia and look up antibioticsin chicken or poultry. you might be quite surprised what you find. so, yes they are. they're certainly implicatedin the development and progression of a yeast infection. in fact, dr. william cook wroteextensively about antibiotics in his book, the yeast infection. it's a good book andwell worth the read for you. so avoiding antibiotic drugs is one step inthe right direction if you want to avoid yeast

what is amoxicillin

infections and particularly if you want topermanently cure your yeast infection. in my book, candida crusher, i've writtenabout the 11 main causes of yeast infections, and antibiotic drugs, unfortunately, are ontop of the list. so i do hope that answers your question. thank you.

weak urine stream

how to cure a weak urine stream and enlarged prostate naturally week iran strain and enlarged prostatenaturally so what you learned today is what causes a week around stream whatyou can do to fix the problem they can prevent it ever happening again and howi heal myself with world outs and flexes

weak urine stream, which is my secret little recipe alongwith the miracle cure what causes a week your own strengthtylenol the men it is a enlarged prostate that this is the prostate glandof a normal healthy male that may be enlarged prostate here usually guyswatch it 40 45 years of age the prostate

will start to enlarge naturally is whatthe doctors tell us but personal things got a lot to do with what you eat anddrink so what causing large prostate here is a picture you can see the guy onthe right there young fellow he's got he's fine he's gonna drink as well andhis you're on coming out beautifully gentleman on the left here he's got afew issues if you can say hey can you fix your enlarged prostate tired fruitand vegetables lots of fruit and veggies really important exercise you could walkor jog for these 20 minutes they do something fishy water sunshine just soimportant to get outside ok hey we're here with my prostatecancer naturally this is my secret road

is recipe and it is absolutely fantasticthis really did get my prostate back to its normal size one ball rolled oats that's the recipe there for you and someflax seeds lemon squeezing the odds teaspoon of wheat germ oil lately eithernot if you possibly can is prepared flavored overnight add some water in themorning and boiling water at the border to the ball sturdy and i put a bananaand some coconut water on top to make it tastes really really delicious that is my number one secret recipe thesecond one the miracle qr click on the link in the description below to watchthe video you really you won't regret

that that is just as good as the rolledoats basically same what healed me along with this miracle cure these two thingswill cure anything for you to go straight to the miracle cure video whichis it will just blow your mind please click on the link below in thedescription had they have a look at that thanks somuch for watching really appreciated if

weak urine stream

you like the video please give us athumbs up i love seeing your thumbs and leave acomment below and don't forget please click on the link in the description forthe miracle cure video i'll see you on the next video have a fantastic day

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wbc in urine

he netherlands and puerto rico played a really fun wbc semifinal while you slept on monday night, the netherlands and puerto rico played the first semifinal game of this world baseball classic it was a wild, thrilling, four-hour affair that required 11 innings before puerto rico won on a walk-off sacrifice fly. because the game didn’t start until 9 p.m. et on a monday night, many fans had to prioritize sleeping over watching the game to completion late start times have been a tournament staple, and both tuesday night’s united states-japan semifina

wbc in urine, and the championship game wednesday will begin at 9 p.m during the pool play, games were regularly starting at 10 p.m.

wbc in urine

consider that a less-than-ideal way to hook the younger generation on the wbc -- or, heck, baseball in general. we figured we would help out anyone who had to hit the sack by chronicling some of the game’s highlights.

or, if you saw the game, we figured we would put it all together for you to share that wild and crazy game with as many people as you can. because baseball is fun and this was baseball at its most fun.

water on the knee

whee! hey everybody it's dr. jo! it's aquatictherapy day again. if you've graduated from the basic standing exercises, then this isthe next video where you are actually putting some walking movement with those exercises.so let's start off back here. the first one is going to be a soldier march. lock out yourknee, keep that straight the whole time. so pull forward, keeping an upright posture.pull forward. my knee is staying straight

water on the knee, the whole time. there's no bend in there.if you feel like your knee is bending, then don't go quite as fast. lock out that knee.the next one is the hamstring curl. that's where you are trying to kick your bottom,but keep the top part of your leg down. so kicking back behind you, almost like you area chicken clucking, or a gamecock clucking.

kicking back behind you, still keeping thatupright posture. trying to get as far back to your bottom as you can. really gettingthat stretch. the next one is the rockette kick. bring your knee up, kick out, step forward.bring your knee up, kick out, step forward. this is really going to stretch those hamstrings,so try and straighten out that knee as much as you can. bend it up, kick it out, stepforward. then you're going to walk on your toes. go way up on your toes, stay on yourtoes the whole time. just like you're walking in heels. guys it will give you a chance tosee what it feels like. staying up on your toes, keeping those heels up high. pushingoff the whole time. then switch to your heels. now not sticking my bottom out when i'm walking,i'm pulling my toes up. this is pretty hard.

this is a hard one that's going to push thatknee into a straight position. so if you have a knee injury, you are really going to feelthat stretch, but try and stay on those heels the whole time. pulling those toes up. tryand stay in a straight line if you can. and then you are going to squat going sideways.so squatting down, keeping your toes pointed forward like in all the other side exercises.it's a fluid motion. i'm not squatting down, coming up, and then stepping. i'm squattingas i am stepping. squatting down, coming up.

water on the knee

squatting down, coming up. nice fluid motionthe whole time. these were some aquatic therapy exercises. if you have any questions, leavethem in the comments section. if you would like to check out some more videos, go toaskdoctorjo.com. don't forget to follow me

on facebook and twitter. remember be safe,have fun, and i hope you feel better soon!

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vaginismus treatment

the monalisa touch is now in the south miamiflorida area and is improving women's lives in a very specialway. "vaginal dryness and atrophy" "hot flashes and dryness.... and painful intercourse" "i was having alot of pain with intercourse..."

vaginismus treatment, " to the point where i just stopped beingsexually active" "we were having no sex at all" "none!" the monalisa touch proceedure is a new minimallyinvasive laser treatment that addresses female

troubles uch as vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy & painfulintercourse...urinary incontinence and even laxity.... you do not have to be alone on this... maybe you've tried the vaginal creams....the patch... and even oral medications... you can enjoy vaginal rejuvination with nopain, no side effects and minimally invasive treatment that lasts just minutes... "the treatment itself is totally painless,it feels like a little bit of vibration" "after that first treatment i had resultsalmost immediately"

"i mean within a few days, i can tell youthings were functioning more as they should be" "i would say that i'm 90% better" "my message would be definitely try the monalisatouch." "it's worked for me" "i would recommend it to any woman who hadany kind of concerns..." "about vaginal dryness or atrophy" "the improved intimacy definitely impactsa lot of aspects of my life"

vaginismus treatment

"i'm happier.... he's happier"

if you are in miami, coral gables, kendall, or pinecrest areas why not give dr. ellen schwartzbard a callright now to learn more... "i mean, i would say: go for this becausethis will fix it"

uti that won't go away

police are honoring the department's newest employee. the young age of 16. he was in a bad car crash that left him paralyzed from the

uti that won't go away, waist down. unsure if he would ever walk again, he continues this day 13 years later.

saniia dangeereports his new career is a step in the right direction. the next time you come to the riviera beach rrcord department, you may recognize shawn. he sits in that seat everyday from 8:00 to 4:30. wakes up at 3:00 a.m. to get

here. i get up at 3 o'clock in the porning. because i stay so far away. i take public ttansportation. it's called palm train connection. for the people with disabilities.

a born athleee and avid football player, shawn's life came to a halt after a car crash at the age of 16. because of my car accident, i had a brain and spinal cord injury. so i don't remember things after ttat.

i had to learn how to talk and pick up a spoon again. i had tt eat again. (he began searching for a job. but he was told it would be lube -plikely. that's when he found independence work.

what makes shawn so special is he's motivated. he's tenacious and he is an optimist. he never gives up. heeis determined. reporter: it took three &- years and friends on the inside

before the budget to accommodate shawn as an employee was finally approved. sometimes i say he's a little stubborn. but it's a good thing. you know? you try to hold a door for him, it's -- held hold the door for

you (he's now 29-year-old, providing for his wife of three years and a brand new baby boy. all while a bracelet sits on top of his desk to remind everyday that he is unlikely in the best way. never give up because, no

uti that won't go away

matter what you go through, you

can always try to -- try your best and keep on trying and working hard.

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rash on groin

taking care of the hair down therecertainly has its benefits. you might say when there's nounderbrush, the tree looks taller. before you start, think aboutthe unique topographical features under your hood. with the right tools--

rash on groin, like a gillette fusion power-- and some common sense, you'll avoidputting your equipment at risk. first thing's first. trim, lather up with some shave gel, andensure you're using a fresh blade.

pull your skin taught andas flat as possible. don't exert pressure. let the razor do the work. use short, light strokes to minimizenicks, cuts and scratches. rinse often to keep the blade clear. once satisfied, rinse off, pat dry, andapply a moisturizer to keep the area hydrated and minimize itching. there you have it.

rash on groin

trimming the bush to makethe tree look taller.

[whistles] now go ahead. be adventurous and have some fun.

penile spot

question of the week: how deep is a woman's vagina and whatwould happen if i get too long...? a woman's vagina, it really varies, uh, it variesas much as penis size there is really umm... some women can have a

penile spot, a vagina when you say how deep is it now the depth of the vagina goes past acertain point whereas usually uncomfortable for women where the cervix is

and where the cervix is if you can getaround the cervix and go past it there's still more distance so the question is really more what position should i have sexs in to avoiding causing pain with a woman that has a shallow vagina ummm...when her cervix is at a lower point

now there's someone that have shallow vaginas where not just their cervix is lower point but the actual depth of thevagina is at a lower point and in that case ummm... there's no avoidance in hurting them you're gonna hurt themif you're too long. so... the the only way you can really measurethat would be through having sex and see where her cervix is and have her communicatewith you and say

okay cuz i was, i mean, when i was with a woman on years ago she use to have multiple orgasms and she used to squirt, and the reason she was able to do that isbecause my penis got long enough to go past her cervix and hit an area of the vagina that's called the cul de sac which is

this, this gland that's right behind the cervix that if you can get up in there thewoman able to have the female ejaculation were fluid comes out of her and you know she has a really really goodorgasm, so learning how to get there isn't just bygetting big and pounding through there. since that's gonna hurt her you're wanna get longer and you gonna want to access the position

that allows you get past the cervics in the area and that's only gonna happen withcommunication, so you don't want to get too big for yourwoman but you don't want to umm... think that... you're too big because your hitting the cervix mo... a lot of men hit the cervixthe penis, the

penile spot

the vagia can be as shallow as three inches so a lot of a lot of men can hit the cervix the idea is getting past the cervix to give hermore pleasure and hit the more

you know the more erotic zones that awoman's looking for to have orgasm

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oat bath for chickenpox

welcome to health care at home we are talking about chicken pox in our previous episode so, let me take that conversation forward and will tell you some home remedies. but before that it is important to let you know that if you are suffering from chicken pox then what you have to eat and what not?

oat bath for chickenpox, look, you have to consume fresh and seasonal vegetable as much as you can. and also consume all the seasonal fruits like we have got guava in season & oranges you have to consume such seasonal fruits what not to eat? do not consume excess of salt

do not consume dairy products.in dairy products of course you can consume the curd. but apart from that butter & clarified butter also consume the milk in limits so you have not consume the cheese as well do not consume the tadka (baghar) items or dishes. apart from that you don't have to consume any kind of drink soda and completely no to the conumptions of cold drinks along with this must drink 3-4 liters of water you can consume one of juice as it works well in the chicken pox

take 100 gm of carrots and take almost 50gm of coriander leaves and take out the juice of both of the itmes and squeeze 1 lemon after squeezing lemon, if you want you can add rock salt or black salt and consume this juice, you will get maximum relief in chicken pox. apart from that those who are suffering from chicken pox for them let me tell you a remedy baking soda or soda-bicarbonate which is called dissolve 1 spoon baking soda into the 1 glass of water

after dissolving well, with the help of the cotton this soda mixed water dip the cotton in that water and dab it allover you skin. wherever you have the problem of chicken pox apply it on all over your skin what will happen with this, the irritaion you had that will be far away and the worry of scar of the chicken pox, that will also be decreased very much. one more remedy you can do with this baking soda one bucket of luke warm water put 1 cup of baking soda into the water and dissolve it

and make your patient to bath with this water doing this will also help the patient one more remedy you can do. 1/2 cup of brown vinegar put this into the bucket of bath water of yours and after that bathing with water, you will get relief in the irritation. and the chances of getting scars also get reduced. there is one more remedy which is very effective. take oatmeal take 100 gm of oatmeal and grind it really well after grinding when it turn like a powder then get it pack into a cloth and dissolve it into almost 2 liter of water

mash it and press it very wisely then the water will look like milk means greasy n oily and with the help of cotton just apply this water on the patient get is apply on his body and then let it dry and once it is dry and then the water of magosa leaves . make your patient to bath with the margosa leaves water you will notice that with this also patient will get so much of relief. so these were the home remedies. if you have got the scars of chicken pox then how to remove the scars? that i will tell you in our next episode

so, isn't the remedies were very easy? rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us. what you have to do to meet us just subscribe this channel.

oat bath for chickenpox

tell to your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel get the health benefits while sitting at home and do support us in our motive the reason we put our maximum efforts that maximum number of people may get health benefits while siting at home so, share our videos at maximum and support us in out motive. thank you...

oat bath for chicken pox

this episode is brought to you by domain.com have you heard of parents hosting measlesparties? seem pretty extreme right? well it turns out that’s pretty inaccurate. hey everyone! julia here for dnews. lately there’s been so much buzz about “measlesparties.” the report seemed to originate

oat bath for chicken pox, out of marin county, california - near sanfrancisco. a mom told a local news station that another parent approached her with anidea. have a play date with another kid who has the measles. this idea kicked off a mediafrenzy this month, with outlets like fox, pbs, and others reporting on it.

so why would someone deliberately infect theirkid? the idea of a measles party is to boost a kid’s immune system by intentionally exposingthem to a virus. parents wanting to avoid vaccines, make their healthy kids hang outwith sick kids so that they might catch it. the idea is that the disease is somethingsimilar to chicken pox, mild but annoying. almost a rite of passage in childhood. butthe fact is, measles can be deadly. thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be credible evidencethat measles parties are happening. the california department of public health(cdph) said they do not have any information about measles parties. but they “stronglyrecommend against the intentional exposure of children to measles, as it unnecessarilyplaces the exposed children at potentially

grave risk and could contribute to furtherspread of the outbreak.” pox parties on the other hand, were a realthing. in the not too distant past, before the invention of a vaccine, kids got chickenpox. a nasty itchy illness which triggers painful itchy blisters to appear on the skin.i remember how horrible it was. taking oatmeal baths and rubbing embarrassing cream on myarms. the itching was torture. but it’s usually mild, and lasts only a few days. beforethe days of the chickenpox vaccine, pox parties became a thing. get infected with the virusas a kid, deal with it, and move on. getting the family sick at once might mean less timemissed at school and work. there were also rumors of a lollipop ring.parents would get their sick kids to lick

a lollipop with the hopes that it would coatit with the virus, then they would mail it to someone so they would give it to theirkid. now that some parents distrust vaccines, poxparties are popular again. we might remember chicken pox as just an annoying blip in ourchildhood, yet before the chickenpox vaccine became available there were 100 to 150 deathsfrom chickenpox among children in the u.s. annually. according to a study in the journalclinical infectious diseases there’s even evidence that kids who get chickenpox arefour times as likely to have a stroke during the six months following infection. so the bottom line is if you want to boostyour kids immune system safely, vaccinate

them. vaccines give a low dose or deactivatedstrain of a virus to allow your body to create antibodies against it. this way, when youcome across an actual strain of the virus, your body can fight it off, without any ofthe nasty side effects or complications. switching gears for a moment, we'd like tothank domain.com for this episode. no domain extension will help you tell your story likea dot com or dot net domain name. and because

oat bath for chicken pox

you watch dnews, you can get 15% off domaindot com’s names and web hosting by using the code dnews when you check out. so what do you think of pox parties? leaveyour comments down below and hit that subscribe button for more dnews every day.

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metronidazole and alcohol

an abscess is a painful infection thatarises when bacteria gain access to the pulp tissues of a tooth by way of a crack, leaking dental restoration like a crownor large filling, or even the lateral canal which may naturally occur and be exposed to the oral cavity by

metronidazole and alcohol, gum recession. many different species of bacteria arefound in the mouth, and the ones that decay teeth may bedifferent from those that produce abscesses. a decayed tooth simplycreates favorable conditions for

bacteria to multiply. the body responds to foreign invaderslike bacteria by increasing blood flow to the tooth to deliver specialized cells that canfight the infection. the increased blood flow to the tooth, known as "hyperemia" produces intense pressure inside, because teeth are rigid and cannotswell. pressure on the nerves inside leads to asevere toothache. eventually, the tooth's fresh blood suppy is cut off by the high pressure inside of it,

and the tissue inside dies. the tooth maystop hurting, but the problem has simply changed location. the infection then spreads into the jaw bone, where fluid accumulation causes throbbing,

metronidazole and alcohol

swelling, and sometimes numbness. an abscess is a true dental emergency,and is usually treated by some combination of antibiotic therapy, endodontic treatment (or "root canal") orremoval of the tooth.

menstrual cycle

my period is coming every two weeks. whaton earth could cause that? if you had a normal period and now have lightspotting, it could be due to an embryo implanting. in another two weeks, you won’t have yourperiod or will see light spotting. this has been a regular, two week cycle. it could be result of a hormonal imbalance.pcos comes to mind.

menstrual cycle, p what? pcos is polycystic ovarian syndrome. cystson the ovaries prevent the body from having normal cycles. or too many.

stress throw off your menstrual cycle, thoughyou’re more likely not to have a period than two too many. someone told me that diet and exercise canthrow it off. when your body changes dramatically, you couldhave periods come closer together or delayed, but this is an extreme case. someone said i might be in menopause. when someone is approaching menopause, theirovaries are shutting down. you’ll see cycles without ovulation, multiple eggs releasedthe next, going weeks without a period or periods only two weeks apart.

i’m not that old. if you just switched to the birth controlpill, you could have a period on your natural cycle before the chemically induced one. i’m using what i’ve been using for ages. if you have cysts or fibroids, you could haveinternal bleeding. because the blood is coming out of the vagina, you might mistake the internalbleeding for a period. it sounds like i need to get checked out bya doctor. abnormal bleeding is always a reason to seea doctor. it’s just an inconvenience.

it could be a sign of ovarian cysts or hormonalproblems. and bleeding that often could leave

menstrual cycle

you anemic. that means pale. it means your iron levels are too low, whileyou are tired and weak. another reason to go to the doctor.

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left side tingles

hi friends & this is satvinder on f3 health & beauty tips. today i am going to share few home remedies for numbness in hands & feet numbness in hands & in feet means there is lack of touch sensation. other symptoms may include tingling or burning sensation, sharp pain or weakness of the effective area

left side tingles, its a very common problem there are many causes including constant pressure on the hands & feet exposure to cold object or nerve injury, fatigue, drinking deficiency of vitamin d12 or magnessium

so, i am going to tell you few simple home remedies on numbness in hands & feet the first one of warm compress the first thing you need to do is apply to the warm compress to the effective area. it increases your blood supply and relaxes your muscles just dip a cloth in warm water squeeze the excess water & apply this warm compressor on the effected area for around 5-7 minutes repeat several times in a day until the numbness is gone you can also enjoy some hot water & also enjoy some heat pads. the second one is message

message the area where numbness is there it improves the blood circulation. stimulates the nerves & muscles & improves the over all functions. take any oil olive oil, coconut oil or mustard oil & apply oil on the affected area & message in a circular motion. you can repeat it as in when require the third one is exercise as you all know exercise improves the blood circulation & oxygen to all parts of the body it prevents tingling sensation to any effective part of the body including eands & feet regular exercise improves mobility & prevents many health problems

avoid remaining in same position while watching tv or at work avoid caffeine & aerated drinks include lots of fruits & vegetables in your diet. avoid process foods drink ample amount of the water through out the day & keep yourself hydrated and loose weight to reduce numbness in your feet & toes.

left side tingles

so, these were very few simple home remedies for numbness in your hands & feet i hope it will be helpful to you do subscribe to our channel & also send us your comments. thank you so much for watching my video

how to tell if you have adhd

i'm gabe garza with today's health news. parentswho tell their kids to stop fidgeting might want to think twice. according to a new studyfrom florida state university, fidgeting and squirming might be a helpful mechanism forchildren with adhd when they are faced with difficult problems. for this study, researcherspresented problems of varying levels of difficulty to 25 children aged 8 to 12 with adhd. whenfaced with more difficult tests, the children

how to tell if you have adhd, moved 25 percent more, the study authors found.according to the study authors, their results were evidence that fidgeting helps childrenaccess their working memory. working memory

how to tell if you have adhd

involves using short-term memory to carryout tasks, such as reading a recipe or keeping track of a conversation, according to thejournal progress in brain research. researchers

are working on new adhd treatments that don'tinclude medications. talk to your child's pediatrician for more information.

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how to get an orgasim

- [voiceover] when i had my first orgasm, i regretted faking it for so long. (upbeat music) - [voiceover] the first timei gave myself an orgasm, i thought to myself,

how to get an orgasim, i wonder if anyone else knows about this. - [voiceover] my first orgasm happened when i was doing sit-ups at the gym. i try to replicate it every time i go now.

- [voiceover] when i orgasmedfor the first time, i fainted. it scared the hell out of me. - [voiceover] gettingtattoos turned me on so much that the first or time i ever came was when i got a tattoo. i couldn't move for five minutes. - [voiceover] i justorgasmed for the first time, by only using my hands. - [voiceover] the firsttime i masturbated,

i mistook the orgasm for having to pee. - [voiceover] when iorgasmed for the first time,

how to get an orgasim

i involuntarily punchedmy boyfriend in the face. - [voiceover] i had my first orgasm today, and it happened because of adream while i was sleeping. i understand why most menare always wanting sex.

how does ciprofloxacin work

cyramza is a prescription medication usedto treat advanced gastric cancer or gastro-esophageal junction adenocarcinoma. it is used to treataggressive non small cell lung cancer. cyramza is also approved to treat metastatic colorectalcancer when used in combination with a certain chemotherapy regimen. cyramza belongs to a group of drugs calledvascular endothelial growth factor receptor

how does ciprofloxacin work, 2 (vegfr2) antagonists. these work by stoppingthe formation of blood vessels that bring

how does ciprofloxacin work

oxygen and nutrients to tumors. this may slowthe growth and spread of tumors. this medication comes in an injectable formto be given directly into a vein (iv) as an infusion every 2 or 3 weeks by a healthcareprofessional.

common side effects include an increase inblood pressure and diarrhea.

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glue ear

i'm gabe garza with today's health news. forparents and children alike, hearing problems can be troubling. however, a simple, nonsurgicalprocedure could help treat one common ear condition. a new study found that treatmentusing a nasal balloon helped reduce the presence of an ear condition called otitis media witheffusion "glue ear." in glue ear, fluid builds up in the middle ear, often causing hearingloss in one or both ears. the condition is

glue ear

glue ear, common. the goal of the nasal balloon is toreduce pressure in the middle ear and promote drainage of fluid buildup. further researchis needed to explore auto-inflation for the treatment of glue ear, particularly in youngerchildren who might not be able to use the nasal balloon effectively.

chest pain in the morning

this unbelievable natural drink ! fights cancer, purifies our blood and liver,accelerates the digestive system, improves the eyesight and enhances the functions ofour brain, heart and lungs! this natural drink is the absolute world champion! carrot juice with beet and apple, is arguablythe drink with the most healing properties

chest pain in the morning, that exist. it is simple to prepare, accessible, doesnot cost much and you can take it several times a week, alternating with your usualseries of natural drinks if you already have your own series.

what are its benefits: this powerful drink, was introduced by chineseherbalists for the treatment of lung cancer and many other diseases long ago. but nowadays it has gained great popularityall over the world due to its overall health benefits. – benefits against cancer: a few years ago this drink began to suggestto people who were suffering from lung cancer, which helped the recovery of many patients. this drink is not only limited to lung cancer,it is also known to be beneficial when treating

all types of cancers, as it is a great sourceof antioxidants. – it is the perfect mix for our organs: it is known that this juice is a perfect choiceto have organs like the kidneys, ligaments and pancreas safe from diseases, it also helpsour heart and lungs to be strong. – strengthens the heart and lungs: the miracle drink is very beneficial to ourheart, since it has beets and carrots, which have beta-carotene and lutein. when we mix this with the apple, we also getcholesterol, which is a shield that will help our heart to prevent diseases.

– maintains our healthy skin: it is very beneficial to keep our skin withoutblemishes, nor pimples, in addition to the powerful antioxidants that it will get thatdelay we have the aging. young and fresh skin is the dream of mostpeople, this can be acquired by drinking a glass of this miracle juice a day. – helps our digestive system: the miracle play helps our digestive systemand protects the health of our stomach by saving them from ulcers, improves bowel movementsand relieves chronic constipation. – it’s the best drink for the brain:

with the nutrients that this drink has, weare going to help increase our memory as our brain works properly. – it’s good for our eyesight: since it contains carrot is very beneficialto our eyes and comes very well to people who are forced to work on a computer for hours,which suffer from eye exhaustion, irritation, and tiredness. – helps our liver: this drink helps to detoxify our liver andpurify the blood as it helps increase the production of red blood cells.

– helps women with the period: women who suffer too much pain plant the menstrualcycle can drink this juice as it is very effective for treating aches and cramps. how to prepare this incredible drink? to get the best benefits of this shield, itis advisable to drink on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, one hour aftertaking them and you can have breakfast in the normal way. ingredients: 1 cup of water,1 medium beet,

1 medium carrot,1 medium apple, 4 ice cubes. preparation: wash the carrot, beetroot, and apple well. shred them into pieces small enough so theycan be easily processed.

chest pain in the morning

add all ingredients in a blender and blenduntil smooth and smooth. now you know how to prepare this great smoothie,prepare to receive all those nutrients and feel better and healthier. serve and enjoy.

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it's all worthless, roberto and kavali it's all worthles, expensive cars, mansions, apartments it's all worthless, when i'm not yours i remember that little one was like just give give give give give

calpol, only cash, only expensive only best best best best little daddy's princess always making drama

and to get what she don't have but she miss only me every night she's alone they're telling me that she's sad now she'd give everything she can but you can't buy love and she just leave when is not by her rules and then say bye bye bye bye bye and maybe she won't be back ever

maybe you're not the one one one one little mommy's princess


partying every night and trust me everyone is there but this night she's alone telling me that she's sad

best sex positions for women

when it comes to sex, Many men use hajar jahanam mesir as a solution to prolong sex, you gotta put your back into it! but not like...too much into it. hey everyone, laci green here for dnews. imaginehaving a magic night of sexytimes and hurting your back so bad that you can’t have sexagain for months. it’s a thing, people. sex can agitate all kinds of back aches andpains - in fact, nearly 4 out of 5 people will experience debilitating back pain atsome point in their lives. but we have (surprisingly)

best sex positions for women, never had any hard science on how to advisethose people for optimal comfort during sex - until now. while spooning was generally regarded as thebest sex position for people with back pain in the past, new research at the universityof waterloo has found that it’s actually

the worst position. and to be honest, i kindof thought spooning was just a cuddling position because it seems like it would be really hardto move. maybe i shouldn’t teach sex ed. to figure out the best positions, they hookedcouples up with 8 infrared motion capture sensors -- similar to what animators use whenmaking video games. this monitored the position of the spine during 5 common sex positionsfor 20 seconds each. it also monitored what muscles were being used during sex and orgasm.they wanted to test more than 5 positions, and specifically “cowgirl”, but the leadresearcher said 5 positions is already a lot to ask of the participants. it’s unclearif he was in the room while all this...data….was being collected….

the researchers found that, in general, doggy-styleis the best position if you have lower back pain. i can just hear it now: “but honey…..myback!” i also learned from the report, which was published in the journal spine, that scientistsrefer to doggystyle as the “rear entry quadruped position” - in case you’re trying to soundofficial about it in bed. missionary position where you’re on your hands, not elbows, is also easier on the back. they advise that motions be made with the hips and knees ratherthan the spine. we also learned from their data that it’snot actually the back muscles but the abs and butt that do the heavy lifting when aguy orgasms. the research on women with bad backs will be out in a few months.

it’s exciting research and it’s good tohave some formal recommendations. but it kind of makes me wonder...if you have back pain,wouldn’t the best solution be to do some

best sex positions for women
of your own experimentation? y’know...tryout a position and if it makes you feel like you’re suddenly 90 years old - try anotherone. get freaky people. it’s for science. thanks for joining me for dnews everyone.please report on your scientific findings in the comments below. we’ll see you nexttime!

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aquas cream

reaction of iron nails with copper sulphatesolution in water. the world around us is made up of matter.with the planet constantly undergoing changes, there are changes in look and compositionof the matter itself. scientists have divided these changes in matterinto two categories; physical and chemical changes.a physical change is a change in the appearance

aquas cream, or physical properties of a substance andit does not produce a new substance. for example, melting of ice-cream is a physical change.a chemical change is a change that creates a new substance. the burning of paper is agood example of a chemical change. the aim of this experiment is to carry outthe reaction between iron nail and copper

sulphate solution in water and classify itas a physical or chemical change. materials requiredcopper sulphate solution, iron nails, boiling tubes, stands with clamp and a piece of thread.procedure take two stands with clamps and fix one testtube in each stand. pick one of the iron nails from the watchglass, tie it with a piece of thread and hang it in one of the boiling tubes.then tie the other end of the thread to the stand.take copper sulphate solution in a beaker and pour some of it into both the boilingtubes. keep the apparatuses undisturbed for a day.after one day, remove the iron nail immersed

in the solution and place it in the watchglass. compare the two iron nails placed in the watchglass. iron nail placed in the watch glass show greyishcolour of iron whereas the iron nail dipped in the copper sulphate solution shows a browncoating. this indicates that copper is deposited onthe iron nail by displacing iron. the colour of the copper sulphate solutionin which the iron nail was dipped changes from blue to green whereas the colour of thecopper sulphate solution in the other test tube remains the same.the change of colour from blue to green of the solution in which the iron nail was dippedindicates a chemical change in which copper

has been displaced by iron from the coppersulphate solution and a new compound feso4 is formed.i.e. cuso4 (aq) + fe (s) -> feso4 (aq) + cu(s)

aquas cream

copper sulphate iron ferrous sulphate displacedcopper deposited over nails precautionstry to avoid touching the copper sulphate solution and the nail dipped in the coppersulphate solution. it is better to wear gloves while using materialscontaining copper sulphate.

abdominal pain after sexually active female

what are the signs my uterus is dropping? your uterus may feel like it is falling outafter you've pushed a baby out. i think it actually is. the uterus only drops when the tissue andligaments start to weaken to the point it can't hold everything in. that sometimes happensafter childbirth.

abdominal pain after sexually active female, the baby's been out for quite a while. if the uterus is dropping, it is called aprolapsed uterus. there are stages ranging from drooping into the vagina to literallyfalling out of the body. that's like giving birth a second time.

no, but the solution may be. if the uterusmuscles are so weak, you probably have a herniated bladder, too. i thought women often leaked after havinghad a baby. for the first few weeks as the pelvic areaheals after pushing a bowling ball through a straw, yes. after that, an inability tocontrol what you've controlled since you were two could mean there is a hernia or bulgein the abdominal wall. my understanding is that fixing a hernia issurgery. that's why i said it might be as bad as childbirth.the weakened muscles can even cause problems when you try to poop, even to the point youhave to push in the vagina to pass a mass.

this feels like the old joke push on yourbelly button to make someone's tongue stick out. and i really don't want to blame thisplus the baby weight on the baby. this is not always the baby's fault. thissame problem can occur if the muscles get way too weak with age or because of weightlifting. i've heard crossfit could cause women to havean accident, but no one said anything like this. symptoms of the prolapsed uterus can includefeeling like something is coming out even though you aren't having a baby, lower backpain, trouble using the bathroom and painful

abdominal pain after sexually active female


lower back pain has lots of causes, but i'venever heard of this particular one. if you can actually feel it coming out ofthe orifice or have problems controlling other bodily functions, get to a doctor.

when is a woman least fertile

what happens 3 days after ovulation? you start to wonder if you need to toss theold ovulation test pack and buy a pregnancy test pack inste...