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aquas cream

reaction of iron nails with copper sulphatesolution in water. the world around us is made up of matter.with the planet constantly undergoing changes, there are changes in look and compositionof the matter itself. scientists have divided these changes in matterinto two categories; physical and chemical changes.a physical change is a change in the appearance

aquas cream, or physical properties of a substance andit does not produce a new substance. for example, melting of ice-cream is a physical change.a chemical change is a change that creates a new substance. the burning of paper is agood example of a chemical change. the aim of this experiment is to carry outthe reaction between iron nail and copper

sulphate solution in water and classify itas a physical or chemical change. materials requiredcopper sulphate solution, iron nails, boiling tubes, stands with clamp and a piece of thread.procedure take two stands with clamps and fix one testtube in each stand. pick one of the iron nails from the watchglass, tie it with a piece of thread and hang it in one of the boiling tubes.then tie the other end of the thread to the stand.take copper sulphate solution in a beaker and pour some of it into both the boilingtubes. keep the apparatuses undisturbed for a day.after one day, remove the iron nail immersed

in the solution and place it in the watchglass. compare the two iron nails placed in the watchglass. iron nail placed in the watch glass show greyishcolour of iron whereas the iron nail dipped in the copper sulphate solution shows a browncoating. this indicates that copper is deposited onthe iron nail by displacing iron. the colour of the copper sulphate solutionin which the iron nail was dipped changes from blue to green whereas the colour of thecopper sulphate solution in the other test tube remains the same.the change of colour from blue to green of the solution in which the iron nail was dippedindicates a chemical change in which copper

has been displaced by iron from the coppersulphate solution and a new compound feso4 is formed.i.e. cuso4 (aq) + fe (s) -> feso4 (aq) + cu(s)

aquas cream

copper sulphate iron ferrous sulphate displacedcopper deposited over nails precautionstry to avoid touching the copper sulphate solution and the nail dipped in the coppersulphate solution. it is better to wear gloves while using materialscontaining copper sulphate.

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