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metronidazole and alcohol

an abscess is a painful infection thatarises when bacteria gain access to the pulp tissues of a tooth by way of a crack, leaking dental restoration like a crownor large filling, or even the lateral canal which may naturally occur and be exposed to the oral cavity by

metronidazole and alcohol, gum recession. many different species of bacteria arefound in the mouth, and the ones that decay teeth may bedifferent from those that produce abscesses. a decayed tooth simplycreates favorable conditions for

bacteria to multiply. the body responds to foreign invaderslike bacteria by increasing blood flow to the tooth to deliver specialized cells that canfight the infection. the increased blood flow to the tooth, known as "hyperemia" produces intense pressure inside, because teeth are rigid and cannotswell. pressure on the nerves inside leads to asevere toothache. eventually, the tooth's fresh blood suppy is cut off by the high pressure inside of it,

and the tissue inside dies. the tooth maystop hurting, but the problem has simply changed location. the infection then spreads into the jaw bone, where fluid accumulation causes throbbing,

metronidazole and alcohol

swelling, and sometimes numbness. an abscess is a true dental emergency,and is usually treated by some combination of antibiotic therapy, endodontic treatment (or "root canal") orremoval of the tooth.

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