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oat bath for chicken pox

this episode is brought to you by domain.com have you heard of parents hosting measlesparties? seem pretty extreme right? well it turns out that’s pretty inaccurate. hey everyone! julia here for dnews. lately there’s been so much buzz about “measlesparties.” the report seemed to originate

oat bath for chicken pox, out of marin county, california - near sanfrancisco. a mom told a local news station that another parent approached her with anidea. have a play date with another kid who has the measles. this idea kicked off a mediafrenzy this month, with outlets like fox, pbs, and others reporting on it.

so why would someone deliberately infect theirkid? the idea of a measles party is to boost a kid’s immune system by intentionally exposingthem to a virus. parents wanting to avoid vaccines, make their healthy kids hang outwith sick kids so that they might catch it. the idea is that the disease is somethingsimilar to chicken pox, mild but annoying. almost a rite of passage in childhood. butthe fact is, measles can be deadly. thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be credible evidencethat measles parties are happening. the california department of public health(cdph) said they do not have any information about measles parties. but they “stronglyrecommend against the intentional exposure of children to measles, as it unnecessarilyplaces the exposed children at potentially

grave risk and could contribute to furtherspread of the outbreak.” pox parties on the other hand, were a realthing. in the not too distant past, before the invention of a vaccine, kids got chickenpox. a nasty itchy illness which triggers painful itchy blisters to appear on the skin.i remember how horrible it was. taking oatmeal baths and rubbing embarrassing cream on myarms. the itching was torture. but it’s usually mild, and lasts only a few days. beforethe days of the chickenpox vaccine, pox parties became a thing. get infected with the virusas a kid, deal with it, and move on. getting the family sick at once might mean less timemissed at school and work. there were also rumors of a lollipop ring.parents would get their sick kids to lick

a lollipop with the hopes that it would coatit with the virus, then they would mail it to someone so they would give it to theirkid. now that some parents distrust vaccines, poxparties are popular again. we might remember chicken pox as just an annoying blip in ourchildhood, yet before the chickenpox vaccine became available there were 100 to 150 deathsfrom chickenpox among children in the u.s. annually. according to a study in the journalclinical infectious diseases there’s even evidence that kids who get chickenpox arefour times as likely to have a stroke during the six months following infection. so the bottom line is if you want to boostyour kids immune system safely, vaccinate

them. vaccines give a low dose or deactivatedstrain of a virus to allow your body to create antibodies against it. this way, when youcome across an actual strain of the virus, your body can fight it off, without any ofthe nasty side effects or complications. switching gears for a moment, we'd like tothank domain.com for this episode. no domain extension will help you tell your story likea dot com or dot net domain name. and because

oat bath for chicken pox

you watch dnews, you can get 15% off domaindot com’s names and web hosting by using the code dnews when you check out. so what do you think of pox parties? leaveyour comments down below and hit that subscribe button for more dnews every day.

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