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oat bath for chickenpox

welcome to health care at home we are talking about chicken pox in our previous episode so, let me take that conversation forward and will tell you some home remedies. but before that it is important to let you know that if you are suffering from chicken pox then what you have to eat and what not?

oat bath for chickenpox, look, you have to consume fresh and seasonal vegetable as much as you can. and also consume all the seasonal fruits like we have got guava in season & oranges you have to consume such seasonal fruits what not to eat? do not consume excess of salt

do not consume dairy products.in dairy products of course you can consume the curd. but apart from that butter & clarified butter also consume the milk in limits so you have not consume the cheese as well do not consume the tadka (baghar) items or dishes. apart from that you don't have to consume any kind of drink soda and completely no to the conumptions of cold drinks along with this must drink 3-4 liters of water you can consume one of juice as it works well in the chicken pox

take 100 gm of carrots and take almost 50gm of coriander leaves and take out the juice of both of the itmes and squeeze 1 lemon after squeezing lemon, if you want you can add rock salt or black salt and consume this juice, you will get maximum relief in chicken pox. apart from that those who are suffering from chicken pox for them let me tell you a remedy baking soda or soda-bicarbonate which is called dissolve 1 spoon baking soda into the 1 glass of water

after dissolving well, with the help of the cotton this soda mixed water dip the cotton in that water and dab it allover you skin. wherever you have the problem of chicken pox apply it on all over your skin what will happen with this, the irritaion you had that will be far away and the worry of scar of the chicken pox, that will also be decreased very much. one more remedy you can do with this baking soda one bucket of luke warm water put 1 cup of baking soda into the water and dissolve it

and make your patient to bath with this water doing this will also help the patient one more remedy you can do. 1/2 cup of brown vinegar put this into the bucket of bath water of yours and after that bathing with water, you will get relief in the irritation. and the chances of getting scars also get reduced. there is one more remedy which is very effective. take oatmeal take 100 gm of oatmeal and grind it really well after grinding when it turn like a powder then get it pack into a cloth and dissolve it into almost 2 liter of water

mash it and press it very wisely then the water will look like milk means greasy n oily and with the help of cotton just apply this water on the patient get is apply on his body and then let it dry and once it is dry and then the water of magosa leaves . make your patient to bath with the margosa leaves water you will notice that with this also patient will get so much of relief. so these were the home remedies. if you have got the scars of chicken pox then how to remove the scars? that i will tell you in our next episode

so, isn't the remedies were very easy? rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us. what you have to do to meet us just subscribe this channel.

oat bath for chickenpox

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