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penile spot

question of the week: how deep is a woman's vagina and whatwould happen if i get too long...? a woman's vagina, it really varies, uh, it variesas much as penis size there is really umm... some women can have a

penile spot, a vagina when you say how deep is it now the depth of the vagina goes past acertain point whereas usually uncomfortable for women where the cervix is

and where the cervix is if you can getaround the cervix and go past it there's still more distance so the question is really more what position should i have sexs in to avoiding causing pain with a woman that has a shallow vagina ummm...when her cervix is at a lower point

now there's someone that have shallow vaginas where not just their cervix is lower point but the actual depth of thevagina is at a lower point and in that case ummm... there's no avoidance in hurting them you're gonna hurt themif you're too long. so... the the only way you can really measurethat would be through having sex and see where her cervix is and have her communicatewith you and say

okay cuz i was, i mean, when i was with a woman on years ago she use to have multiple orgasms and she used to squirt, and the reason she was able to do that isbecause my penis got long enough to go past her cervix and hit an area of the vagina that's called the cul de sac which is

this, this gland that's right behind the cervix that if you can get up in there thewoman able to have the female ejaculation were fluid comes out of her and you know she has a really really goodorgasm, so learning how to get there isn't just bygetting big and pounding through there. since that's gonna hurt her you're wanna get longer and you gonna want to access the position

that allows you get past the cervics in the area and that's only gonna happen withcommunication, so you don't want to get too big for yourwoman but you don't want to umm... think that... you're too big because your hitting the cervix mo... a lot of men hit the cervixthe penis, the

penile spot

the vagia can be as shallow as three inches so a lot of a lot of men can hit the cervix the idea is getting past the cervix to give hermore pleasure and hit the more

you know the more erotic zones that awoman's looking for to have orgasm

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