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abdominal pain after sexually active female

what are the signs my uterus is dropping? your uterus may feel like it is falling outafter you've pushed a baby out. i think it actually is. the uterus only drops when the tissue andligaments start to weaken to the point it can't hold everything in. that sometimes happensafter childbirth.

abdominal pain after sexually active female, the baby's been out for quite a while. if the uterus is dropping, it is called aprolapsed uterus. there are stages ranging from drooping into the vagina to literallyfalling out of the body. that's like giving birth a second time.

no, but the solution may be. if the uterusmuscles are so weak, you probably have a herniated bladder, too. i thought women often leaked after havinghad a baby. for the first few weeks as the pelvic areaheals after pushing a bowling ball through a straw, yes. after that, an inability tocontrol what you've controlled since you were two could mean there is a hernia or bulgein the abdominal wall. my understanding is that fixing a hernia issurgery. that's why i said it might be as bad as childbirth.the weakened muscles can even cause problems when you try to poop, even to the point youhave to push in the vagina to pass a mass.

this feels like the old joke push on yourbelly button to make someone's tongue stick out. and i really don't want to blame thisplus the baby weight on the baby. this is not always the baby's fault. thissame problem can occur if the muscles get way too weak with age or because of weightlifting. i've heard crossfit could cause women to havean accident, but no one said anything like this. symptoms of the prolapsed uterus can includefeeling like something is coming out even though you aren't having a baby, lower backpain, trouble using the bathroom and painful

abdominal pain after sexually active female


lower back pain has lots of causes, but i'venever heard of this particular one. if you can actually feel it coming out ofthe orifice or have problems controlling other bodily functions, get to a doctor.

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