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best sex positions for women

when it comes to sex, Many men use hajar jahanam mesir as a solution to prolong sex, you gotta put your back into it! but not like...too much into it. hey everyone, laci green here for dnews. imaginehaving a magic night of sexytimes and hurting your back so bad that you can’t have sexagain for months. it’s a thing, people. sex can agitate all kinds of back aches andpains - in fact, nearly 4 out of 5 people will experience debilitating back pain atsome point in their lives. but we have (surprisingly)

best sex positions for women, never had any hard science on how to advisethose people for optimal comfort during sex - until now. while spooning was generally regarded as thebest sex position for people with back pain in the past, new research at the universityof waterloo has found that it’s actually

the worst position. and to be honest, i kindof thought spooning was just a cuddling position because it seems like it would be really hardto move. maybe i shouldn’t teach sex ed. to figure out the best positions, they hookedcouples up with 8 infrared motion capture sensors -- similar to what animators use whenmaking video games. this monitored the position of the spine during 5 common sex positionsfor 20 seconds each. it also monitored what muscles were being used during sex and orgasm.they wanted to test more than 5 positions, and specifically “cowgirl”, but the leadresearcher said 5 positions is already a lot to ask of the participants. it’s unclearif he was in the room while all this...data….was being collected….

the researchers found that, in general, doggy-styleis the best position if you have lower back pain. i can just hear it now: “but honey…..myback!” i also learned from the report, which was published in the journal spine, that scientistsrefer to doggystyle as the “rear entry quadruped position” - in case you’re trying to soundofficial about it in bed. missionary position where you’re on your hands, not elbows, is also easier on the back. they advise that motions be made with the hips and knees ratherthan the spine. we also learned from their data that it’snot actually the back muscles but the abs and butt that do the heavy lifting when aguy orgasms. the research on women with bad backs will be out in a few months.

it’s exciting research and it’s good tohave some formal recommendations. but it kind of makes me wonder...if you have back pain,wouldn’t the best solution be to do some

best sex positions for women
of your own experimentation? y’know...tryout a position and if it makes you feel like you’re suddenly 90 years old - try anotherone. get freaky people. it’s for science. thanks for joining me for dnews everyone.please report on your scientific findings in the comments below. we’ll see you nexttime!

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