Jumat, 12 Mei 2017

how to get an orgasim

- [voiceover] when i had my first orgasm, i regretted faking it for so long. (upbeat music) - [voiceover] the first timei gave myself an orgasm, i thought to myself,

how to get an orgasim, i wonder if anyone else knows about this. - [voiceover] my first orgasm happened when i was doing sit-ups at the gym. i try to replicate it every time i go now.

- [voiceover] when i orgasmedfor the first time, i fainted. it scared the hell out of me. - [voiceover] gettingtattoos turned me on so much that the first or time i ever came was when i got a tattoo. i couldn't move for five minutes. - [voiceover] i justorgasmed for the first time, by only using my hands. - [voiceover] the firsttime i masturbated,

i mistook the orgasm for having to pee. - [voiceover] when iorgasmed for the first time,

how to get an orgasim

i involuntarily punchedmy boyfriend in the face. - [voiceover] i had my first orgasm today, and it happened because of adream while i was sleeping. i understand why most menare always wanting sex.

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