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how to tell if you have adhd

i'm gabe garza with today's health news. parentswho tell their kids to stop fidgeting might want to think twice. according to a new studyfrom florida state university, fidgeting and squirming might be a helpful mechanism forchildren with adhd when they are faced with difficult problems. for this study, researcherspresented problems of varying levels of difficulty to 25 children aged 8 to 12 with adhd. whenfaced with more difficult tests, the children

how to tell if you have adhd, moved 25 percent more, the study authors found.according to the study authors, their results were evidence that fidgeting helps childrenaccess their working memory. working memory

how to tell if you have adhd

involves using short-term memory to carryout tasks, such as reading a recipe or keeping track of a conversation, according to thejournal progress in brain research. researchers

are working on new adhd treatments that don'tinclude medications. talk to your child's pediatrician for more information.

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