Rabu, 24 Mei 2017

what is spotting

an entrepreneur, and young people particularlyin changemaker schools that we are close with, will not only spot opportunities, but theywill look for opportunities in every situation and they will therefore essentially createopportunities; so they will be... they will use creativity and imagination to join thedots, to make connections between things, to create opportunities.

what is spotting, but then i think nor is it only about spottingor creating opportunities, it's then about acting on opportunities, it's actually taking...being proactive and taking the lead to make the most of opportunities that they have createdor that have presented themselves. our changemakers schools provide all sortsof different experiences and opportunities

for young people to create value for theircommunities, and these vary enormously. for example, one of our schools takes primaryschool kids out into the community as part of their science curriculum to find problemsin the community that they want to address and to help them address those community problemswhile learning science. changemaker schools often see within existingcurricular frameworks and within existing policy obligations opportunities to do somethingdifferent than the classic "kids in rows", just rote learning to get through examinations. i think what they see is the opportunity throughoutthe school experience, and even in very small

what is spotting

ways and small periods of time (in corridorsfor example).

they see opportunities for really lettingyoung people take charge and make their own decisions and take responsibility for thewell-being of each other, for the creation of the school culture, for the well-beingof the whole school and the community.

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