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uti that won't go away

police are honoring the department's newest employee. the young age of 16. he was in a bad car crash that left him paralyzed from the

uti that won't go away, waist down. unsure if he would ever walk again, he continues this day 13 years later.

saniia dangeereports his new career is a step in the right direction. the next time you come to the riviera beach rrcord department, you may recognize shawn. he sits in that seat everyday from 8:00 to 4:30. wakes up at 3:00 a.m. to get

here. i get up at 3 o'clock in the porning. because i stay so far away. i take public ttansportation. it's called palm train connection. for the people with disabilities.

a born athleee and avid football player, shawn's life came to a halt after a car crash at the age of 16. because of my car accident, i had a brain and spinal cord injury. so i don't remember things after ttat.

i had to learn how to talk and pick up a spoon again. i had tt eat again. (he began searching for a job. but he was told it would be lube -plikely. that's when he found independence work.

what makes shawn so special is he's motivated. he's tenacious and he is an optimist. he never gives up. heeis determined. reporter: it took three &- years and friends on the inside

before the budget to accommodate shawn as an employee was finally approved. sometimes i say he's a little stubborn. but it's a good thing. you know? you try to hold a door for him, it's -- held hold the door for

you (he's now 29-year-old, providing for his wife of three years and a brand new baby boy. all while a bracelet sits on top of his desk to remind everyday that he is unlikely in the best way. never give up because, no

uti that won't go away

matter what you go through, you

can always try to -- try your best and keep on trying and working hard.

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