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vaginismus treatment

the monalisa touch is now in the south miamiflorida area and is improving women's lives in a very specialway. "vaginal dryness and atrophy" "hot flashes and dryness.... and painful intercourse" "i was having alot of pain with intercourse..."

vaginismus treatment, " to the point where i just stopped beingsexually active" "we were having no sex at all" "none!" the monalisa touch proceedure is a new minimallyinvasive laser treatment that addresses female

troubles uch as vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy & painfulintercourse...urinary incontinence and even laxity.... you do not have to be alone on this... maybe you've tried the vaginal creams....the patch... and even oral medications... you can enjoy vaginal rejuvination with nopain, no side effects and minimally invasive treatment that lasts just minutes... "the treatment itself is totally painless,it feels like a little bit of vibration" "after that first treatment i had resultsalmost immediately"

"i mean within a few days, i can tell youthings were functioning more as they should be" "i would say that i'm 90% better" "my message would be definitely try the monalisatouch." "it's worked for me" "i would recommend it to any woman who hadany kind of concerns..." "about vaginal dryness or atrophy" "the improved intimacy definitely impactsa lot of aspects of my life"

vaginismus treatment

"i'm happier.... he's happier"

if you are in miami, coral gables, kendall, or pinecrest areas why not give dr. ellen schwartzbard a callright now to learn more... "i mean, i would say: go for this becausethis will fix it"

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